On-Site Machining

May 8, 2019by cbmadmin
At Streamline Industries, we have a reputation for successfully completing projects that other machine shops will not even consider – including on-site machining.

In situations where it is not possible to bring the damaged item to the shop, or it is too large to be moved, we can sometimes provide the solution through on-site machining. We have the capabilities to repair and machine a wide variety of equipment and parts in place, including booms, buckets, dip arms, drilling rig pads, lift boat components, motor supports, boat shaft logs & struts and more.

The bottom line is that if you cannot put the component in the machine tool, we’ll put the machine tool on the component. Over the years, our on-site machining services have saved numerous customers significant time and money. If you would like more information about our on-site machining services, please feel free to contact us.