The roots of Streamline Industries date back to 1982, when Mr. Jacques Hebert founded his company with the goal of serving the repair needs of the local sugar industry in south Louisiana. After several years of serving the agricultural industry, the company began to grow in both the industries it served and the scope of services it provided – and Streamline Industries was on its way.

Over the years, our company has grown tremendously – diversifying into the manufacturing of specialized industrial equipment and expanding our customer base to serve industries including oil & gas, chemical plants and much more.

In addition, our equipment and technology has grown immensely to include the latest in CNC manufacturing equipment, manual machining equipment, cutting-edge dynamic balancing equipment and a specialized welding department.

Today, Streamline Industries is not only a leader in machining and manufacturing – we are also one of the most experienced machine shops in the region. Mr. Hebert alone possesses a lifetime of experience in machining, manufacturing, maintenance, repair and mechanical consulting. Add to that our large staff of highly experienced professionals and it’s easy to see that Streamline Industries has the knowledge and proven expertise to serve our customers better than any other shop in the region.