Jeanerette Machine Shop Serves Louisiana’s Petrochemical Industry

May 9, 2019by cbmadmin

Industry studies conclude that apart from agriculture and commercial fishing, petrochemicals, including oils and natural gas, are the largest source of income for Louisiana. Producing 1.45 million barrels of petroleum a day, Louisiana ranks third in the list of American petroleum-producing states.

Additionally, about a quarter of the United States’ natural gas production and annual petrochemical exports come from Louisiana. That means over $14 billion of annual revenue just from petrochemicals alone.

On a national scale, the petrochemical industry is also among the top 10 industries in the US. Along with textile and coal, petroleum products account for a 5.5 percent share of the country’s annual GDP.

There is simply no denying that local petrochemical companies contribute largely to the bigger picture that is the nation’s overall economy – which is why infrastructure like plants, pipelines, and machines are continuously being built to support this industry. At present, Louisiana’s pipelines for natural gas alone spans over 122,000 miles.

As the number of petrochemical industry agents continues to rise in Louisiana and more companies are investing on securing terminals, it becomes evident that more relevant infrastructure and facilities must be established as well. Along with facilities, pipelines, and vital machines is the need for maintenance and other specialized services after these structures are created.

Given how massive the impact is of the domestic petrochemical companies to the national economy, it is only wise to ensure that companies in Louisiana also use only high-precision, top-notch machining equipment and employ the expertise of highly qualified equipment manufacturing professionals who can provide top-caliber welding, tuning, drilling, and other machining services.

With the growing demand for general machinery services in the state, Streamline, a Jeanerette machine shop, has met this demand for customers in agriculture, mining, marine, chemical plants and oil and gas. Shops like Streamline Industries (which can offer both in-house and on-site services) increase productivity and ensure smoother day-to-day operations for petrochemical companies and other businesses all over Louisiana.

Apart from the usual machining services, petrochemical companies can also leverage fabrication services and dynamic balancing offered by machine shops. There is also a call for high-quality and precision repairs, especially that a number of petrochemical companies are known to invest on the buying and establishing of pipelines for natural gas, oils, and petroleum.

Pipelines aside, terminals must also be maintained and repaired on a regular basis to ensure a longer lifespan and reduced costs. For such critical tasks, machine shop professionals are crucial to maintaining the health of these facilities and pipes.

Not only can a local machine shop like Streamline identify equipment issues and apply suitable interventions, they are also able to ensure that your business can adapt to changes and trends within the petrochemical industry or whatever business you’re in.

As one of the most thriving sectors of the United States, it is clear how the petrochemical industry is not not only be about generating petroleum to be used by other industries or to be exported to other countries, but also about maintaining the integrity of the facilities, terminals, pipes, and smaller components housing these petrochemicals. Such terminals and parts operate all day to process and produce rich petroleum in the state. Without these interlocking components in tip-top shape, the local petrochemical industry will certainly suffer – an effect that will ripple through the national economy.